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Hello and welcome to Zyma Virtual Airlines. Zyma Virtual Airlines intends to employ number of pilots, So, dear pilots can send their requests (Application) to us.

If dear applicants have not or have below required knowledge about our fleet, after registration, they would return to training center of airline and pass the required training for flight. Aircraft types of this airline are accessible in left hand menu, in fleet section.
Our goal is being more realistic in flights !
  • Zyma Airline real schedule covers an extensive variety of destinations around the world.
  • Booking Flight System.
  • A fully Automated System for logging Flight Reports and updating personal details.
  • Unique Flight Monitoring Software developed by “FSAirlines” for use by our members in Zyma Virtual Airline.
  • Experience points reward system for onward promotion.
  • Fleet aircrafts based on all airframes that are currently in service with Zyma Airline.
  • Full training and assistance with getting you started.
  • Type rating training with real pilots who fly in Zyma Air.
  • Online flying by IVAO.
  • The mission of Zyma Virtual Airline is to provide an environment for a realistic flight, utilizing FSAirlines flight tracker, IVAN (International Virtual Aviation Network) and professional instructor pilots without charging money and available to anyone who agrees with the membership requirements.

  • The main goals are to provide:
  • A highly realistic airline simulation experience whilst maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere,
  • Supply the required services, and
  • Information and training in real life procedures for pilots.
  • Introducing the new sense of flying based on real airlines and airline pilot atmosphere.
  • When simulating real world airline in Zyma Virtual Airline, we will avoid at any price, to simulate or to become involved in real world ethnical, political and religious conflicts and problems. Zyma Virtual Airline is an entertaining and educational network where every world citizen, without any exception, is welcome to join the fun and pursue the virtual aviation experience.